Low Risk &Low capital Trading for High Gains

Every trader looking for a Profitable trading strategy.
Unfortunately due to  high amount of emotions the traders losing their trading capital after a couple of trades.
Here I am going to explain a highly accurate trading strategy that will help you to earn Rs.500-5000 per day with a capital of 10 to 15000 rupees.
Yes, it is very much possible in options trading.
Trading in future contracts like Nifty and Bank nifty required lots of margins. Obviously when capital is high, risk and emotions also high.
Option robot is an artificial intelligence-based fully automatic options trading method which will  automatically selects option strike  according to Nifty and Bank nifty future chart.
For example,
If the Nifty chart shows a long signal, Robot will automatically Buy the nearest Call option. Then when Nifty shows a short signal, the robot exits the call option and buys a new put option.

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Why Options?

Low Capital

Option required small Capital. Check  below Call option Chart. On 12th  January 2021 at 9:20 AM call option price was Rs.60.  You need 60X75=Rs.4500 to execute this trade.

 Low Risk

Unlike other segment Options required Very little margin. So obviously the risk also very low. Anybody can start it with capital of Rs.10000 for descent  income. 

Unlimited Profit

Long options are popular for Unlimited profit. If a client buy call option and market move to upside, He can make Unlimited Profit. On 12th call option reach Rs.135X75=Rs.10125 

High Risk Reward Ratio  

This is the biggest advantage of Option Trading. Long options are providing very High Risk reward ratio.

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Robo Trading Software

3 Step Option Robo trading

Step 1

Open Your Amibroker Trading System. Select the strike price 

Step 2

Open Robo Trading Software and add scrips & Parameter details.

Step 3

Select Your terminal and Start Auto Trading

What our clients says

I prefer Option Robot software. Its really a better way to avoid emotional trading.

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